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Visual Stimulation Cards


Why Chic Baby Bright?

We've listened to parents & caregivers and created our Visual Stimulation cards to include these key features:

* Large size cards captures your baby's attention for longer periods of time. Babies lose interest with smaller size cards as its harder for them to focus on with newborn vision.

* High quality with a wipeable finish. As babies grow they grab and hold the cards. A light finish allows you to easily wipe off that cute baby drool and use the cards again.

* Cute designs that are relatable. This set contains 20 cards with 40 unique images your baby will love.

* Sleek and attractive packaging to make a great baby shower or newborn baby gift!

A Gift for Growing Minds

We believe in giving children the proper tools right from the start to grow healthy, happy and strong.  Visual stimulation cards not only foster development and give your child a brain boost, but they also provide a great bonding opportunity between parents and their baby!

Grab these cards today

"We just got our cards and the kids love them. So cute and I love the attention to detail."

Jessica D. ~ Vancouver, BC

"I gave it to my sister as a gift and she uses it all the time with my niece."

Chris ~ Laguna Beach, CA

"We love these cards! I had her in the play gym on her back and I showed her the cat one and she got super excited. She loves the heart one too, we even hold the cards together."

Anna N. ~ Toronto, ON